Stay alive till ‘95


Information: Stay alive till ‘95, May 23 - Jun 14, 2008

Stay alive till ‘95
May 23 – Jun 14, 2008

“A few years ago real estate executives were coining slogans like “Stay alive till 95” and “Find something to do until 20-02” that expressed the difficulty of operating in a market that was sluggish at best. Today, nobody has the time to think up clever sayings. They are too busy making deals.”

              - John Holusha. “It Was the Year of ‘Let's Make a Deal’.” The New York Times (January 11, 1998)

Alexander and Bonin presents Stay alive till ’95, a portentous selection of works from 1995 that aren’t about the market. Included will be works on paper by Matthew Benedict, photographs by Jennifer Bolande, Willie Cole, Willie Doherty and Mona Hatoum, paintings by Robert Bordo, Eugenio Dittborn and Glen Rubsamen, and sculpture by Victor Grippo and Rita McBride.