1999 Drawings


Information: 1999 Drawings, Dec 11, 1999 - Jan 22, 2000

1999 Drawings
Dec 11, 1999 – Jan 22, 2000

Alexander and Bonin is pleased to announce an exhibition of drawings by twenty-eight artists. All of the works were made during the past year. The list of artists encompasses a range of styles, generations and approaches. Several of the works were made expressly for the exhibition.

Numerous works are studies or proposals for projects. Matthew Benedict will exhibit studies for a ceiling mural and painted room in a Los Angeles residence. Francis Cape’s line drawings show initial and perspectival ideas for his 1999 exhibition at Murray Guy. Mark Dion and Nils Norman’s fourteen drawings are a fantastic collaborative proposal for the Tel Aviv dump. Rita McBride will exhibit a group of drawings which propose a tennis bubble roof sculpture for the Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin. Jeanne Silverthorne will show sketches for a domestic interior installation of rubber conduits and fixtures. Lily van der Stokker’s drawings are all potential wall paintings and Robert Wilson’s drawing for Alceste stems from his recent production at Le Theatre du Chatelet, Paris.

Unusual materials are used by Cornelia Parker (Explosion Drawings made up of the components of gunpowder); Willie Cole (scorches on paper); Tony Feher (cigarette packs, tape and staples). Nari Ward has framed his work with a found object. More traditional aspects include John Ahearn’s view of his studio, Frank Moore’s references to anatomical drawings and Sylvia Plimack Mangold’s plein air watercolor of a pin oak. 

In addition to the above the exhibition will include work by Janine Antoni, Ellen Berkenblit, Jennifer Bolande, Robert Bordo, Eugenio Dittborn, Jim Hodges, Liz Larner, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Robert Mangold, Matt Mullican, Alexander Ross, Glen Rubsamen and Sean Scully.